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The Law Society of the Northern Provinces (incorporated as the Law Society of the Transvaal), was established during 1892 and is the statutory body governing the attorneys profession in the four provinces constituting the former Transvaal province, i.e. the Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West and Limpopo Provinces.
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Vision Statement
To be a credible and highly respected statutory, regulatory and professional body for the attorneys’ profession within our area of jurisdiction and beyond.
Mission Statement
We aim to please our highly valued members and meet their professional needs, uphold and maintain the integrity of the attorneys’ profession through fairly and consistently exercised discipline  and efficient administrative processes that will in turn address the complaints of the general public we are deployed to service and protect.
Organisational Key Objectives
The Core Objectives of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP) are:
To regulate and administer the attorneys’ profession in accordance with the acceptable standards (National and International), rule and code of ethics;
To effectively monitor the professional conduct of attorneys and exercise discipline where their conduct warrants such;
To generally represent the views of attorneys’ profession and protect the interest of the profession; and
To, in the public interest, promote the administration of justice, the practise of law, and consider draft legislation.
Organisational Core Values
Professionalism, Integrity, Efficiency, Consistency, Accessibility Accountability
Important Notice
Members are reminded that High Court applications for admission, contracts of articles, cession agreements and records related notices (e.g. registration of members, opening/closing of practices, Fidelity Fund certificates) can only be served on the Law Society daily between 08:30 and 12:30. The staff in these sections are also only available for visits by and consultations with members during these hours.

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Index of Important Information for Members
► Guideline: Venue of Pre-Trial Conferences
& Advertising Guidelines of the LSNP
Rules of Law Society
Rulings of Council
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Complaints Against Attorneys
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Draft Municipal Planning
    By-Law: City of Johannesburg
    Metropolitan Municipality
The City of Johannesburg
     Municipal Planning By-Law
     April 2015 Draft


2015/12/10: Notice to Members:
    Mandatory Legal Practice
    Management Training
Step by Step Guide:
    Online Fidelity Fund Certificate
Step by Step Guide:
    Online Fidelity Fund Certificate
    Application Continue...
Fidelity Fund Certificate
Frequently Asked Questions -
    Automated Fidelity Fund
2015/10/06: 2016 Fidelity Fund
    Certificate Applications
2015/10/12: 2016 Fidelity Fund
    Certificate Applications

Meeting with the Master, Pretoria
26 August 2015:

Notice to Members
Summary of Minutes
Worklfow Summary
Chief Master's Directive 1 of 2015
Chief Master's Directive 2 of 2015
Chief Master's Directive 3 of 2015


► Disciplinary Proceedings
    Policy Document

President’s Award of the LSNP

Attorneys Amendment
    Act, 2014


The Rationalisation of Areas of
    Jurisdiction of Magisterial Districts
Conducting an Impact Analysis of
    the Rationalisation of Magisterial
    Districts with a view to Align
    Areas of Jurisdiction of
    Magistrates Courts
Maps and Point-to-Point

Chief Master's Directive 1 of 2015:
    Appointments in terms of the
    National List of Insolvency

President's Report


Pro Bono Scheme
Referral to an
    Attorney/First Interview
Registration for Attorney


Seminar Calendar 2016

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Practice Management Training:
    Registration Form

Practice Management Training:
    Class Schedule for Intake 1
    of 2014

Master of the North Gauteng
    High Court: Telephone List
    March 2015

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